#Adventue Time ( Season 5 )

Adventure Time a very popular show on cartoon network is a boy named Finn & his dog Jake . Finn & Jake go on many adventures ; slaying dragons & trying to become the world’s greatest hero . Season 5 first premiered on November 12th, of 2012 . This marked a drastic increase of almost one million viewers when compared to the previous season premiere, as well as the previous season finale .

Rating : 9/10

( wikipedia ) Adventure Time season 5 episodesNo. in
seriesNo. in
seasonTitleDirected by[nb 3]Written & storyboarded byOriginal airdate[85]Production
(in millions)1051″Finn the Human” (Part 2)Larry LeichliterTom Herpich & Jesse MoynihanNovember 12, 20121014-1053.435[67]

Finn (voiced by Jeremy Shada) and Jake (voiced by John DiMaggio) chase The Lich (voiced by Ron Perlman) through a dimensional portal where they meet Prismo (voiced by Kumail Nanjiani), a wish granter, who tells them that the Lich wished for the extinction of all life. This leads Finn to wish that the Lich “never even ever existed.” Finn is then warped to an alternate timeline, where he is a normal human living with his family and his dog, Jake on a farm.

Guest voices: Ming-Na Wen as Farmworld Finn’s mother, Cloris Leachman as Farmworld Marceline 1062″Jake the Dog” (Part 3)Larry LeichliterCole Sanchez & Rebecca SugarNovember 12, 20121014-1063.435[67]

While Finn’s alternative timeline goes astray, Prismo tells Jake that if he can make the correct wish, everything will go back to normal. Jake—with help from Prismo—eventually wishes that the Lich had actually desired for Finn and Jake to return home. Thus, the world is righted again.

Guest voices: Cloris Leachman as Farmworld Marceline, M. Emmet Walsh as the Cosmic Owl 1073″Five More Short Graybles”Larry LeichliterTom Herpich & Steve WolfhardNovember 19, 20121014-1072.603[87]A series of short stories—centered around Finn and Jake, Marceline (voiced by Olivia Olson), Tree Trunks (voiced by Polly Lou Livingston), the Ice King (voiced by Tom Kenny), and BMO (voiced by Niki Yang)—with a common theme revolving around the five tastes, hosted by a mysterious man named Cuber (voiced by Emo Philips) from the future. 1084″Up a Tree”Larry LeichliterSkyler Page & Somvilay XayaphoneNovember 26, 20121014-1082.376[88]

Finn and Jake’s game of catch goes awry when their frisbee gets stuck in a large tree. Finn decides to fetch it without Jake’s help, but he inadvertently gets captured by the residents of the tree, who repeatedly utter the mantra, “In the tree, part of the tree.” Finn teams up with a squirrel who is berated for believing he is a flying squirrel (voiced by Marc Maron) and the two successfully escape.

Guest voice: Jim Cummings as the Porcupine, Lenny the Beaver, and the Owl 1095″All the Little People”Larry LeichliterAko Castuera & Jesse MoynihanDecember 3, 20121014-1092.530[89]Finn and Jake find a bag full of miniature versions of their friends given to them by Magic Man (voiced by Kenny). Finn plays with them but begins to toy with their relationships. Later, the two discover that the small people are actually from an alternate reality and everything that they had done to them was real. However they are unable to communicate with them and the alternate versions blame everything on the small Finn instead of the real one. 1106″Jake the Dad”Larry LeichliterTom Herpich & Steve WolfhardJanuary 7, 20131014-1113.190[70]

After Lady Rainicorn (voiced by Yang) gives birth to five puppies, Jake—wanting to be a good father—becomes an overprotective parent. Eventually, he realizes that the puppies are not completely helpless and that he should stop babying them.

Guest starsKristen Schaal as Jake Jr., Choe Dong-Hyun as T.V. and Kim Kil Whan, Sunny Sandler as Charlie and Viola 1117″Davey”Larry LeichliterSkyler Page & Somvilay XayaphoneJanuary 14, 20131014-1122.310[90]Finn, after realizing that he is being hindered by folks stopping to thank him for being a hero, decides to create an alter ego. He shaves part of his hair, makes a fake mustache, and takes the moniker Davey (voiced by Davey Johnson). However, Davey soon begins to take over Finn’s mind, and Jake is forced into action to get his old friend back. 1128″Mystery Dungeon”Larry LeichliterAko Castuera & Jesse MoynihanJanuary 21, 20131014-113


Ice King, N.E.P.T.R. (voiced by Andy Milonakis), Tree Trunks, Shelby (voiced by Pendleton Ward) and Lemongrab (voiced by Justin Roiland) find themselves mysteriously trapped in a dungeon and must band together to get out. Eventually, the Ice King reveals that he kidnapped them so that he could use their individual talents to pass successfully through the maze and meet the Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving so that his fan fictionFionna and Cake may become reality. 1139″All Your Fault”Larry LeichliterTom Herpich & Steve WolfhardJanuary 28, 20131014-1152.710[91]Princess Bubblegum (voiced by Hynden Walch) sends Finn and Jake on a mission to the Earls of Lemongrab (voiced by Roiland) in order to investigate a distress message. It is revealed that the Earls have depleted their candy stores by bringing their food to life. After Finn and Jake halt their advancing army from taking over the Candy Kingdom for food, Bubblegum erases the secret to candy life from the minds of the two Lemongrabs. 11410″Little Dude”Adam Muto (Supervising)Michael DeForge & Cole SanchezFebruary 4, 20131014-1142.602[92]Finn’s hat comes to life after it is touched by a wizard (voiced by Dana Snyder) who can bring inanimate objects to life. Unfortunately, the hat wants to be placed on someone’s head so that it can take them over and fill them with evil. Finn, Jake, and the wizard track the hat down, and manage to turn the hat good. 11511″Bad Little Boy”Larry LeichliterCole Sanchez & Rebecca SugarFebruary 18, 20131014-1103.077[71]

In this episode, the princesses are tired of Ice King’s crazy Fionna and Cake fan fiction stories, so Marceline stops by the Ice Kingdom to show him how to properly write a story. Marceline’s story revolves around her male counter-part, Marshall Lee (voiced by Donald Glover), who tries to flirt with Fionna (voiced by Madeleine Martin).

Guest voices: Roz Ryan as Cake, Neil Patrick Harris as Prince Gumball 11612″Vault of Bones”Adam Muto (Supervising)Kent Osborne & Somvilay XayaphoneFebruary 25, 20131014-1162.700[93]

Flame Princess (voiced by Jessica DiCicco) begins to doubt whether or not she is in fact evil. Finn is insistent that she is not evil and takes her on a journey into a dungeon to help her sort out her thoughts. Flame Princess eventually proves to be a lover of destruction, but assures Finn that she only destroys bad guys.

Guest voices: Keith David as Flame King 11713″The Great Bird Man”Nate Cash (Supervising)Ako Castuera & Jesse MoynihanMarch 4, 20131014-1172.579[94]Finn and Jake get lost in the badlands, and are saved by Xergiok (voiced by Johnson), the former goblin king who was deposed by Finn and Jake in the second season episode “The Silent King”. He claims to have turned over a new leaf after he lost his sight. However, once it is returned, he threatens to take over the goblin kingdom once again. Eventually, he realizes the errors of his ways and removes his eyes again. 11814″Simon & Marcy“Adam Muto (Supervising)Cole Sanchez & Rebecca SugarMarch 25, 20131014-1182.600[95]Marceline decides to tell Finn and Jake about her and the Ice King’s adventures 996 years ago following the Mushroom War. In her story, Marceline and Simon—the name of the Ice King before he was corrupted by his crown—traverse a ruined city to find chicken soup to cure a cold that Marceline has. Along the way, they are attacked by mutated creatures, forcing Simon to wear the ice crown and slowly lose his mind. 11915″A Glitch Is a GlitchDavid OReillyDavid OReillyApril 1, 20131014-120


The Ice King decides to create a computer virus that will delete everyone in Ooo except for him and Princess Bubblegum. Finn and Jake hack into the universal source code and attempt to destroy the virus before they themselves are deleted. 12016″Puhoy”Nate Cash (Supervising)Tom Herpich & Steve WolfhardApril 8, 20131014-1192.750[96]

Finn begins second-guessing his relationship with Flame Princess, so he builds a giant pillow fort. While navigating it, Finn seemingly falls asleep and dreams that he ends up in a pillow world where he marries a pillow woman named Roselinen (Mandy Siegfriend) and has two children with her. Finn eventually wakes up in the real world, and he receives a call from Flame Princess, reaffirming their relationship.

Guest voices: Jonathan Frakes as Adult Finn, Wallace Shawn as Oracle 12117″BMO Lost”Nate Cash (Supervising)Tom Herpich & Steve WolfhardApril 15, 20131014-1232.394[97]BMO is kidnapped by an eagle and then is forced to find a way home. On its way, BMO meets Bubble (voiced by Levar Burton) and a baby, and the three decide to journey home together. BMO and Bubble grow attached to the child until the baby’s mother finds and takes her child, devastating BMO. The remaining two make their way back home and profess their love for each other, until Jake pops Bubble. BMO’s sadness is shortlived, however, as Bubble is revealed to actually be Air, and will now be with BMO forever. 12218″Princess Potluck”Adam Muto (Supervising)Kent Osborne & Cole SanchezApril 22, 20131014-122


Ice King does not get an invitation to the princess’ potluck, so he tries to ruin the party in a myriad of ways, such as sending Gunter—disguised as a princess—to throw fruit punch on everyone, and throwing another party to rival the princess’. Eventually, he attacks the party, but learns that the princesses did invite him via mail, but that he never bothered to read it. 12319″James Baxter the Horse”Adam Muto (Supervising)Pendleton Ward & Somvilay XayaphoneMay 6, 20131014-124


Finn and Jake stumble across a horse named James Baxter (voiced by James Baxter) who has the ability to make sad people feel better. Eventually, the two anger the spirit of a deceased creature at a funeral and are nearly killed by it. However, James Baxter arrives at the last moment and cheers the spirit up. 12420″Shh!”Elizabeth Ito (Supervising)Graham FalkMay 13, 20131014-1292.350[98]Finn and Jake make a bet to see who can not talk the longest, and the two use signs to communicate. However, BMO thinks that the two are possessed by malevolent force and hides in the walls of Finn and Jake’s tree house. 12521″The Suitor”Nate Cash (Supervising)Jesse Moynihan & Thomas WellmannMay 20, 20131014-130


Peppermint Butler (voiced by Steve Little) thinks that Princess Bubblegum is working too hard in her lab, so he tries to get her a suitor named Braco (voiced by Johnny Pemberton). Braco ends up bothering Princess Bubblegum so much that she creates him a cyborg-clone of herself to give to him. In the meantime, Peppermint Butler strikes a deal with a demon (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) that makes Braco the object of everyone’s desire, but physically deformed. 12622″The Party’s Over, Isla de Señorita”Elizabeth Ito (Supervising)Kent Osborne & Cole SanchezMay 27, 20131014-131


After another one of his schemes fails to woo Princess Bubblegum, Ice King decides to give up. He takes a boat into the ocean, but shipwrecks onto a mysterious island that turns out to be a sentient female (voiced by Riki Lindhome). The island is in a relationship with the Party God (voiced by Sanchez), and Ice King convinces her to break up with him because he treats her poorly. However, the Party God discovers what Ice King has done, and the two engage in a fight. Inspired by this ordeal, Ice King decides to “break up” with Princess Bubblegum. 12723″One Last Job”Nate Cash (Supervising)Ako Castuera & Jesse MoynihanJune 10, 20131014-121


Jake Jr. gets involved with a group of troublemakers, and Jake is forced to reunite his old criminal gang—which includes Tiffany (voiced by Collin Dean), Gareth (voiced by Sam Marin), and the Flying Lettuce Brothers—to rescue his daughter. The group is tasked with stealing the “Baker’s Shard”, the purest form of sugar known. Jake successfully completes the raid, but it is revealed that Jake Jr. set up the entire thing to impress her father. 12824″Another Five More Short Graybles”Nate Cash (Supervising)Tom Herpich & Steve WolfhardJune 17, 20131014-1322.270[99]A series of short stories—centered around Finn, Jake, and Jake Jr; Cinnamon Bun (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker); the Ice King; the Earls of Lemongrab; and Mr. Fox (voiced by Tom Herpich)—hosted by a mysterious man named Cuber from the future (voiced by Emo Phillips). 12925″Candy Streets”Elizabeth Ito (Supervising)Luke Pearson & Somvilay XayaphoneJune 24, 20131014-133


Lumpy Space Princess (voiced by Ward) is robbed, but before she is able to explain the details to Finn and Jake, she faints. Finn and Jake decide to play cops and apprehend a suspect that they think is guilty. In the end, however, it is revealed that a pizza delivery boy idiomatically “stole” Lumpy Space Princess’s heart, and that no actual theft took place.

Guest voice: Jim Cummings as police officer, Melissa Villasenor as Ann 13026″Wizards Only, Fools”Nate Cash (Supervising)Jesse Moynihan & Thomas WellmannJuly 1, 20131014-134


After Starchy (voiced by Kenny) comes down with a cold and needs a magic cure, Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum disguise themselves as wizards and sneak into Wizard City. However, Bubblegum keeps insisting to everyone that magic is just a fancy way of explaining science. The three, along with Abracadaniel (voiced by Little) are eventually arrested for impersonating wizards, but manage to break out of prison with the help of a “cold” spell that literally produces cold weather.

Guest voice: Duncan Trussell as Ron James 13127″Jake Suit”Elizabeth Ito (Supervising)Kent Osborne & Cole SanchezJuly 15, 2013TBA2.457[100]

Jake gets upset with the manner in which Finn uses his body as a suit of armor, so he convinces bets Finn that he could not switch him places. Jake forces him to do various things, such as forcing him to dance in his underwear in front of Flame Princess’s extended family or almost jumping into a volcano, before he realizes that Finn is indeed good at withstanding the hurtles that Jake throws at him.

Guest voice: Dan Mintz as T.V. 13228″Be More”Nate Cash (Supervising)Tom Herpich & Steve WolfhardJuly 22, 2013TBA2.670[101]

After BMO accidentally deletes a core system driver, Finn and Jake disguise themselves as MOs in order to infiltrate the MO factory and fix BMO. However, the three are pursued by security guard SMOs (voiced by Paul F. Tompkins); Finn, Jake, and BMO eventually run into Moseph “Moe” Giovanni (voiced by Chuck McCann), the ancient and benevolent human-cyborg creator of the MOs, who explains BMO’s backstory.

Guest voice: Aziz Ansari as DMO 13329″Sky Witch”Nate Cash (Supervising)Ako Castuera & Jesse MoynihanJuly 29, 2013TBA


Marceline enlists Princess Bubblegum’s help in order to track Maja the Sky Witch; it is revealed that Marceline’s ex-boyfriend Ash sold Marceline’s beloved stuffed animal Hambo to Maja. Only when Bubblegum trades her prized rock shirt—which was given to her by Marceline—is Hambo able to be reunited with Marceline. 13430″Frost & Fire”Elizabeth Ito (Supervising)Luke Pearson & Somvilay XayaphoneAugust 5, 2013TBA3.009[72]

Finn has an interesting dream which involves Flame Princess and Ice King fighting each other, but he wakes up before he can finish it. He then decides to stage a fight between the two in real-life to see if he can finish the dream. However, during the fight, Flame Princess destroys the Ice Kingdom and discovers that Finn set-up the fight. Saddened that she was betrayed by her boyfriend, she breaks up with him.

Guest voice: M. Emmet Walsh as the Cosmic Owl 13531″Too Old”Nate Cash (Supervising)Tom Herpich & Steve WolfhardAugust 12, 2013TBA


Finn and Princess Bubblegum travel to the Earldom of Lemongrab for a diplomatic dinner. Finn, in the meantime, tries to woo Bubblegum after his “break-up” with Flame Princess. The two learned that the original Lemongrab is now a tyrant. However, a young lemon child named Lemonhope is discovered, and Bubblegum and Finn are able to successfully take him back to the Candy Kingdom; at the same time, Finn realizes that Bubblegum is indeed too old for him. 13632″Earth & Water”Elizabeth Ito (Supervising)Seo Kim & Somvilay XayaphoneSeptember 2, 2013TBA


Princess Bubblegum tests Flame Princess to understand why her emotions can become volatile. However, Bubblegum leaves Flame Princess in the care of Cinnamon Bun, who frees her and tells her the story of how she was locked up by her father. Flame Princess eventually overthrows her evil father, the Flame King, and installs a government based on honesty. She forgives Finn, but the two only remain friends. 13733″Time Sandwich”Elizabeth Ito (Supervising)Kent Osborne & Cole SanchezSeptember 9, 2013TBA


Magic Man steals Jake’s sandwich and seals himself in a molasses bubble that slows time down. Finn and Jake then call on BMO, Princess Bubblegum, and Marceline in order to get the sandwich back. Eventually, Jake realizes the key to getting into the bubble is to be sad. He musters up all the sadness he can handle and achieves his goal of punching Magic Man, who falls to the ground, breaking the bubble. 13834″The Vault”Nate Cash (Supervising)Ako Castuera & Jesse MoynihanSeptember 16, 2013TBA2.256[102]

Finn begins having nightmares about the Green Lady, an apparition that he saw during the events of the season three episode “The Creeps”. Undergoing regression analysis, Finn soon learns that the ghost is connected to a girl named Shoko (voiced by Isabelle Fuhrman), who was one of his past lives. Shoko stole an amulet from Princess Bubblegum during the beginnings of the Candy Kingdom. Upon learning this knowledge, Finn is able to right the wrong that was done in his past life.

Guest voice: Paul Scheer as Bath Boy Gang Boss 13935″Love Games”[103][104]TBAKent Osborne & Andy Ristaino & Cole Sanchez[105][106]September 23, 2013[104]TBA—Slime Princess (voiced by Maria Bamford) is in need of a husband, lest she will lose her kingdom to her sister. Finn decides to help her out, but is forced to participate and win various “Love Games” to prove to Slime Princess’s dad that they are in love.[107] 14036″Dungeon Train”[104]TBATBASeptember 30, 2013[103][104]TBA—Finn and Jake discover a train in which each car contains a new villain to fight. Jake soon gets bored with the train; Finn, on the other hand does not wish to leave.[107]


Demographics for season 5 :

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Social media analytics for specific show :

Social media did affect the ratings of this show because according to twitter’s page ” Adventure Time Season 5 ” everyone is watching it . #AdventureTime seems to be very popular hashtag on twitter when you read thir page .

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