#Affects of Social Media

– What affect did the people in the video have concerning social media ?

The affect the people had concerning social media wasn’t as good as you thought. They became more addicted to it. Social media didn’t only affect them ; but it affected the people on the other side. It created questions like ” Why haven’t you texted me back ? , Are you mad at me ? Why haven’t you checked your email ? ” Questions build up only trying to stop the addiction of social media.

– How much time do you spend on facebook, online, or even playing video games ?

I spend a min. of three hours on facebook per weekday. I spend about 5 hours per weekend. Facebook isn’t my daily life , but it seemes to be pretty addictive.

– Does social media affect you daily life ? If so , how ?

I would say social media does affect my life. It has huge impact on me. I have begun to live with it but I can’t live without it.


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