#Top 5

List your “top 5”: five people that they would like to have unlimited calls to. Why did you pick those five people? Outside of a cell-phone service, what kind of interaction or ‘network’ do you have with these people?

1. Christina Berry – We help each other out ; Girl Bestfriend

2. Gianni Speights – We talk about our works ; Girl Bestfriend

3. Dennia Hinds – We hook each other up with the work ; Girl Bestfriend

4. Jevon Lyte – I talk he listens ; Boy Bestfriend

5. Paciany Legerme – I help her , she gives me the deails I need ; First-Bestfriend/Cousin

Digging Deeper into your top 5

1. Are they simply friends and family?

` Yes.

2. How many of their “top 5” are people that they come into contact (i.e., face-to-face conversation) with on a regular basis?

` All of them!

3. Most people use cell-phones and text-messaging to communicate with people that they actually know. so do you think media create social networks, or do social networks create the media?

` Social networks create the media because of social networks opinions. Information usually gets out faster through social media.

Students will evaluate their “top 5″. Each group has 3-5 minutes to come up with the concept for a new product that they would want to use to “stay in touch.” The product should be based upon the needs of the network, not the other way around. How did this product stem from the needs of the network, and how would this product enhance their social network?

` The ” Notebook ” A great way to use social media in class. Instead of sneaking on your phone just simply open up your notebook & there is the network.It can be used for all types of media your looking for.


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