#“twitter and Facebook cracks down on hate speech”

1. What kind of hate speech is Facebook cracking down on ?

` Facebook is cracking down on ” Anti – Women ” content.

2. Which specific advertiser did user petition to pull their advertisements from Facebook?

` Dove.

3. What is the name of the women’s rights group that wrote an open letter that started the petition against Facebook?

` The ” Women, Action and The Media. “

4. How many companies removed their advertising from Facebook?

` 15 Companies

5. In which country is Twitter being forced to hand over information on users who tweeted hate speech

` Germany

6. What type of hate speech did the case involve?

`  Twitter lost an appeal in a French High Court that will require them to release of the identities of users who have posted anti-Semitic comments on its site.

7. How much money will Twitter now have to pay for losing the case?

` $50 million to organizations that fight racism.

8. Which country did Twitter work with to ban tweets from a neo-Nazi group?

` Germany


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