#SNS ” Social Networking Site “

1. What does SNS Mean?

` SNS means ” Social networking site. “

2. List as many SNS’s that you can find besides Twitter and Facebook.

` Some popular SNS besides Twitter and facebook are Myspace, Instagram, Tumblr, Bebo, Oovoo, Flickr, Google+, Linked-In, Tango, Skype, Facetime, Kik, BBM, Divine Art, Ask.Fm, Vimeo, Youtube, Four-square, Spotify, Pandora, Gmail, Blackpeoplemeet, christianmingle, last.fm, Vine, Netflicks & Soundcloud.

3. Name all of the social networking sites that you are apart of?

` Some social networks that I am apart of is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Oovoo, Google+ & Soundcloud.

4. What was your reason for creating these profiles?

` My reasons for creating theses profile were to listen to music, get entertainment, recieve emails & stay connected with friends & families & hobbies.

Transition: Read quote below :
“What makes social network sites unique is not that they allow individuals to meet strangers, but rather that they enable users to articulate and make visible their social networks. This can result in connections between individuals that would not otherwise be made, but that is often not the goal, and these meetings are frequently between “latent ties” who share some offline connection. On many of the large SNSs, participants are not necessarily “networking” or looking to meet new people; instead, they are primarily communicating with people who are already a part of their extended social network” 

What conclusion can you make from reading this quote?

 ` The conclusion I can make from reading this quote is social networks are used to develop a relationship with people that you don’t know & extend a relationship with people you already know.


(1)write out your own Facebook profile—it can should include name, birthday, likes, dislikes, relationship status, activities, hobbies, etc.

(2)Exchange your profile with somebody else.

(3)Looking at someone else’s profile, imagine it was your own. Cross out any information that you think shouldn’t be posted online.


1. How can a few simple changes alter that person’s identity?

` A few simple changes alter that person’s identity because it can expose you or mask your identity.

2. Looking at the Facebook profile, identify something that you didn’t know about the person before.

` I didn’t know Jevon was in a random relationship.

3. How does this social medium enhanced this person’s identity for you?

` This social medium enhanced this person’s identity for me because it told me some things about jevon that I had never knew.


“People in their teens and 20s feel more comfortable using a text message to communicate something serious than having to confront someone,” said Delly Tamer, chief executive of online wireless retailer LetsTalk.com

(Answer each question in 3-5 sentences.)

1. Is this quote true or false, and why?

` I believe this quote is true because, when you text someone your more relaxed. I’m pretty sure something being dealt with face to face would cause a show for those around you. I also believe it depends on how serious the situation is.

2. What conclusions can you make from today’s lesson about media’s influences on our social network?

` The conclusions I can make from today’s lesson about media’s influences on our social network is that be careful what you put on the internet. First, because it can not be removed. Lastly, because what you say can attract creeps.

3. How does media affect our individual identity within those networks?

 ` Media affects our individual identity within those networks because it can mask our identities. No one wants to deal with a catfish! So be careful what you put online!

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