#Personal Branding

What make your brand different ?

` What makes my brand different is that I am unique. No brand is exactly like the other. No one knows you like you know the back of your own hand.

What will I deliver ?

` My brand delivers a great personality. Nobody delivers a personality just like mine. I am unique ūüôā¬†


Knowing ” U “

What in your life have you been most deliberate about ?

` In life, I have been most deliberate about music. Everything about me is music. My words are the lyrics, my thoughts are the beat, and every second is put into the soul of my songs. 

What has been the outcome of your deliberate focus so far ?

` The outcome of my deliberation for music are performing in studios, creating songs and just being able to stand out and perform in front of others.

What are some of the word you use to describe yourself ?

` Weird, funny, bipolar, crazy, bubbly, strong, beautiful, confident, unique, smart.

What are you capable of ? Who are you capable of becoming? In other words, what are you not doing with your life right now that you know you are capable of achieving ? 

` I believe I am capable of doing things to my best ability. I am capable of becoming a strong independent individual. Right now what I’m not doing in my life that I know I am capable of achieving is being focused on my perspective.¬†





What is a brand ?

` A type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name.

Do you consider yourself a brand ?

` I would consider myself a brand because brands are many things such as your name, a logo, products, tagline, cultures, etc.

What is your favorite brand ?

` My favorite brand is H&M, Jordan, and Forever 21.

How would the people around you react if you never wore brands ?

` If I never wore brands before, the people around me would act as they’ve seen ghosts; it would just be unbelievable.

Activity #1
1. Choose your favorite brand

` Forever 21, H&M, and Jordan .

2. Positive things people might say about you if seen with this brand

` She dresses so classy, I like her style, You get flee
3. Negative things people might say about you if seen with this brand

` She doesn’t match, I don’t like what she’s wearing, Your wasting your money.
4. How I know/why I think people would assume these things about me.

` Forever 21 and H&M is such a trending brand. They have a nice appeal for those who wear it.  Some people are just hatters.

#Social Media and Business

Company Name : Old Navy

Web Address : http://www.oldnavy.com/

Social Media : Pinterest, mobile device, Facebook, Twitter

Age 5-13 : Appeals to this age by making every young girl feel cool.

Age 14-27 : Appeals to this age with their trendy clothing line.

Age 28-36 : Appeals to this age by making them feel young.

Age 37+ : Appeals to this age by making then feel 21 and sexy again.

Gender : Most likely worn by young girls.

Recommendations : They should make prices more reasonable.


Company Name : Forever 21

Web Address : http://www.forever21.com/Product/Main.aspx?br=f21

Social Media :  Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+

Age 5-13 : Appeal to young girls by making them feel fashionable.

Age 14-27 : Appeals to this age with their trendy clothing line.

Age 28-36 : Appeals to this age because everyone wants to have that Forever 21 look and their rocking it.

Age 37+ :  Appeal to this age because their clothing is made for buyers to look young.

Gender : Most likely worn by young females and gentlemen.

Recommendations : Shouldn’t try to dress kids up to make them look like adults.


Company Name : Polo Ralph Lauren

Web Address : http://www.ralphlauren.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=1766205

Social Media : Facebook, Google+

Age 5-13 : Appeals to this age by designing clothes that will make them look cute.

Age 14-27 : Appeals to this age by giving them an expensive name brand to show off with.

Age 28-36 : Appeals to this age by giving women a dark sexy appeal to attract men.

Age 37+ :  Appeals to this age by giving them a sophisticated look.

Gender : Most likely worn by middle aged men.

Recommendations : I think this site should not title it Men’s clothing when it refers to more than just men.

Demographics Of Users For The Promotion Of These Website :



Many businesses are expanding their marketing/advertising resources to include different forms of social media.

(1) Why do you think this is happening? Businesses are choosing to use different forms of social media to reach their target audiences.

`  Many organizations are utilizing various forms of social media platforms as a means of effectively reaching their target audiences. There are definitely implications for companies that choose not to use social media. Businesses that do not understand the value of social networking and its appeal. But to conclude everyone nowadays is using the social media and things get out more through social media

(2) Research and find one example of a company differentiating their approach of advertisement to reach new target audiences.

` Colgate is one good example of a company differentiating their approach of advertisement to reach new target audiences  because although their #1 Doctor recommended for everyone , there are certain products made just for kids and certain products made just for anyone over the age of 12 . i.e the spin brush

(3) What types of social media have you seen businesses use? (4) Who are they targeting and why?

` Facebook is one of the best examples that I have seen businesses use . Many businesses like seamless, twitter, Wikipedia and etc. try to target many of those who are 12 and over to like their pages on Facebook ; so on and so forth many businesses are all linked up with different websites to promote their page. They also try to advertise food, clothing and many other products.

#Early Developments in American Advertising

1. Whom did the first ad agents serve ?

` The ad agents had first served  as newspaper space brokers, individuals who purchased space in newspapers and sold it to various merchants. The brokers paid upfront and sold the ad space to advertisers so they could put ads in newspapers

2. How did the packaging and trademarks influence advertising ?

` The packaging and trademarks influence advertising beacause if packages were distinctive, it allowed manufacturers to dicate prices without worrying about being undersold by stores’ generic products or bulk items. Manufacturers established a special identity for products, allowing brand recognition.

3. Explain why patent medicines and department stores figured so prominently in advertising in the late 1800s.

` Patent medicines and department stores figured so prominently in advertising the late 1800s because accounted for half of revenues taken by ad agencies. Ads of these ensured financial survival of numerous magazines. Ads made outrageous claims and usually contained addictie compunds.

4. What role did advertising play in transforming America into a consumer society ?

` When learning about the different forms of communication advertising is one of the most interesting because it taps into the human psyche. Advertising is the attempt to persuade potentional customers to purchase or consume more of a particular brand or product. Today, ads are scattered everywhere and they are multiplying. Ads have been known to take up more than half the space in most daily newspapers and consumer magazines. They are inserted into trade books and textbooks. They also reach as far as cluttering websites and fill are mailboxes and the buses we ride. Advertising to us today surrounds our everyday life so much that it almost blends into our environment. The objective of advertisers is to make sure it doesn’t.


1. Why is there a difference between real-life conversation and text messaging?

` There is a difference between real-life conversation and text messaging because behind the keyboard you can say things your afraid to say in front of the person & in real life conversations are longer and more words are used but therefore you can get a clearer conversation.

2. Is the answer the same when we talk about social networking sites and applications?

` No , the answer is the same when we talk about social networking sites and applications they can go from personal to un-personal really quick. They can also cause you a new face of disguise in the inbox.

3. Do you think people where mask on online profiles? Is it easy to just make stuff up and create a ‚Äúfalse‚ÄĚ identity.

` I believe people do wear masks on online profiles ! I believe it is just that easy to make stuff up and create a ” False ” identity because people lie about things everyday. Sometimes the shy person who sat away from everybody is the bold fighter when it comes to the inbox. You can also create alter ego. Sometimes people who lie on Facebook are usually trying to impersonate the person you would like to be.

3. Do you believe you portray your true identity over sns? Why or why not. Use examples

` I possibly believe I portray my true identity over sns because there are a lot of creeps out there in the world and sometimes you got to make a little white lie and be like ” I’m 2 Years old ” just to get away from talking to that person.¬†