#Personal Branding

What make your brand different ?

` What makes my brand different is that I am unique. No brand is exactly like the other. No one knows you like you know the back of your own hand.

What will I deliver ?

` My brand delivers a great personality. Nobody delivers a personality just like mine. I am unique ūüôā¬†


Knowing ” U “

What in your life have you been most deliberate about ?

` In life, I have been most deliberate about music. Everything about me is music. My words are the lyrics, my thoughts are the beat, and every second is put into the soul of my songs. 

What has been the outcome of your deliberate focus so far ?

` The outcome of my deliberation for music are performing in studios, creating songs and just being able to stand out and perform in front of others.

What are some of the word you use to describe yourself ?

` Weird, funny, bipolar, crazy, bubbly, strong, beautiful, confident, unique, smart.

What are you capable of ? Who are you capable of becoming? In other words, what are you not doing with your life right now that you know you are capable of achieving ? 

` I believe I am capable of doing things to my best ability. I am capable of becoming a strong independent individual. Right now what I’m not doing in my life that I know I am capable of achieving is being focused on my perspective.¬†




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