#Personal Brand Summary

` No brand is exactly like the other. No one knows you like you know the back of your own hand. I like to appeal to delivering a great personality. Nobody delivers a personality just like mine. I am unique 🙂  I would describe myself as a Weird, funny, bipolar, crazy, bubbly, strong, beautiful, confident, unique, smart person. I believe I am capable of doing things to my best ability. I will grow up to become a strong independent individual.

Creating About ” U “

What do you want to be known for ?

` I want to be known for just more than a pretty face ! What about my great personality ? Or my sense of humor ? I want to be known for the peacemaker I am and how fun I can be. I’m not a person who likes a lot of attention but sometimes the attention I get can really be a bother. It gets boring being told how beautiful I am , how about telling me how beautiful my academic achievements are ! Sometimes when I’m not in the room I can hear the comments of the haters and that scowl they’ll give me when I pass by. I don’t really mind them I’m not a person who likes to entertain trouble.

What is it that you consistently deliver that keeps others loyal to you ?

` I consistently deliver a good personality that I think keeps others loyal to me. I believe I’m pretty cool to hang with. I believe its better to be weird than boring. I like to turn things upside-down its makes me who I am.

Write down three of your personal passions or hobbies to which you devote a significant amount of your time.

` Three personal passions/hobbies to which devote a significant amount of my time are singing, dancing and writing songs/books. Singing helps me practice to vocalize, dancing helps to express myself to be better and better every time I have a show and writing songs/books are going to help me in my career as a singer/song-writer and an author.

Write down the attributes you live or experience through these personal passions.

` Through my passion for writing songs/books I live for creating entertainment for other and living up to my likes and dislikes. To someone who wants to be a songwriter/author I believe you should write on personal experiences or what you like and dislike. Sometimes reach out to others and find out what they want to read about.

Write down the three words that describe the lasting impression you want to leave with other after an encounter with you .

` Passion ❤ , Hard work , and Determination 🙂

Write down your goals and career aspiration

` My goals and career aspirations are to finish school, become successful, become a doctor, lawyer, pediatrician, singer, dancer, actor, songwriter, or and author.


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