#You Should Use Twitter Because It Makes Everyone As Smart As Anyone

Read article about on tech crunch about  twitter http://techcrunch.com/2013/11/11/leveraging-the-specialization-of-our-species/


1. Tweet Comment about article with #MECPSMedia

2. What are two things you learned from this article?

` Two  things I learned from this article are that ” Twitter is a tool for distilling understanding of the world into the most digestible format possible. ” Something I found interesting was that the goal is to maximize the ease of consuming the information. If they succeed, we, by reading their tweets, effectively gain a great deal of their insight without putting in much effort. Rather than doing all that reading and research, and pouring a lifetime into specializing in that field to be able to make sense of it, we just get the reward. Knowledge. 

3. What is your opinion about twitter after reading this article?

` I still feel Twitter is a waste of your time. The maximum characters is 140. Why be limited to your feelings, or what ever your doing ?

4. Come up with 2 discussion questions for class from article. (Yes/No Questions are not allowed.)

` What are you opinions on twitter, based on the article ?

` What other social media websites, aside from Twitter would guarantee you feedback from topics your interested about ?


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