#How do we keep social media alive ?

Read this article about the future of social media.



1. How do we keep social media alive?

` We can keep social media alive by staying connected to our daily social websites. We have to find new things to make the website interesting and fun to go on. 

2. Do you agree or disagree with the article? explain why

` I completely agree with this article because as stated in the last sentence ” Social media depends on its users, so really, the future of social networking is down to us! ” it makes it clear that we are the face of social media if we want it to stay around, we have to keep it up and running. 

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#Exit Slip

Exit Slip (Submit to Scoology.com) :

1. Predict the future of social media in relation to news? Will news last through the social media phase or will social media take over as the #1 news source as citizen journalism rises? What are the different ways social media will be used in the future?

` In the future of social media in relation everything will probably be broadcasted online. They’re won’t really be such thing as a newspaper anymore. I believe social media will take over as the #1 news source as citizen journalism rises because everybody uses social media more. The different ways social media will be used in the future are that more younger generations will be on it,taking over just as us teens did.

2. Answer Aim (How much does news rely on social media? is this a pro or con? explain.)

` News relies on social media because the information can get out to the public faster and you can always research something you didn’t know.I believe this is a pro because you can get the information online, especially if you missed something on the news.

#How much does news rely on social media

Do Now:  Do you side with Walter Lippmann or John Dewey on journalism? Explain .

` I side with John Dewey on journalism because he feels that we should have a say in politics and issues.  Dewey feels that complete democracy was to be obtained not just by extending voting rights but also by making sure that there exists a fully formed public opinion. Also his ideas were influential in education and social reform.

Mini Lesson:

1. How does social media affects news gathering?

` Social media affects news gathering because it replaces traditional media and provides faster, sometimes inaccurate news.

2. Besides news who else is using social media as a tool?

 ` People who want to find love, People who want to find friends, and those who want obtain information

3. What are the different ways that information is gathered through social media. Give Examples.

` Different ways that information is gathered through social media is by

  1. Gossiping
  2. False accusations
  3. Eyes Witness (i.e. pictures, videos)]
  4. Companies
  5. Law Inforcements

#The Role Of Journalism

1. Research and summarize the thinking of Walter Lippmann and John Dewey about the role of journalists.

` In the 1920s, Lippmann was a journalist and social commentator who dined with presidents and occasionally wrote their speeches. Dewey was a philosopher at Columbia University. Lippmann created many books such as Public Opinion,The Phantom Public, etc. They also had an ” inaccurate and social reform “

2. How does social media affects news gathering?

` Social media affects news gathering because it replaces the the traditional newspaper by giving out fast, probably inaccurate information from their point of view. 

3. How do you think Lippmann and Dewey would respond to the idea of citizen journalists using mobile devices and social media?

` Using mobile devices and social media, Lippmann and Dewey would respond to the idea of citizen journalists by taking it to the head on twitter. Lol >.< 

4. Is crowdsourcing news a good idea? Why or why not?

` Crowdsourcing doesn’t seem to be a pretty good idea according to cbsnews.com the basic idea is to tap into the collective intelligence of the public at large to complete business-related tasks that a company would normally either perform itself or outsource to a third-party provider. So it gets to the public faster with the point of views of others, just without getting paid for it. 

How Much Is Too Much ?

How much do teens use Facebook ? Too much is the answer. Regular teenager Paciany Legerme states ” I use Facebook all the time, I never log off ! ” “When do you have time to do all of your homework or study” I ask ? She replies ” I always have time, I never log off but I always get my work done. ” To me Facebook is a very addictive social media website. It all started back on February 4th, 2004, when Facebook was founded. From then it became a popular site. But she started using it back in 2011. I believe, we the teens took over the world of Facebook. But this seems to be a really huge thing but we should care because we shouldn’t let social media take over our lives. I feel this is important because we can see so much in life of we just pay attention and spend less time on Facebook.




Aim : Is journalism worth dying for ?

I believe journalism is worth dying for in some cases. They always say the truth will set you free. If this kind of truth will help put bad things off the street and justice will be served then I believe it could possibly be worth dying for. If more people are saved than killed then something is right. 

Do now:

Read info graphic in the link below and respond with:

  • 1 opinion about the information
  • 1 discussion question for the class
  • 1 research question that you will search and find the answer to


` Opinion :All media comes from the same six sources.
` What is your favorite thing to watch, read or listen to. 

` What happen to the other media coperations

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/these-6-corporations-control-90-of-the-media-in-america-2012-6#ixzz2nNqO0gzg

#What is the affect of Citizen Journalism and Social Media on news ?

Aim: What is the affect of Citizen Journalism and Social Media on news?

Do Now:

Read Article on how social media helps breaking news.


1. What are 5 things you learned or found interesting while reading article?

` Social media is transforming the way journalists break news, without a news crew standing nearby, this death may have gone unnoticed and unrecorded, but through the power of a cell phone, the Internet and YouTube, this tragic event was captured forever, In 2010 every news platform saw audience stall or decline… except the web, also, newspaper newsrooms are 30% smaller than in 2000.

2. Come up with 2 discussion questions for class from article. (Yes/No Questions are not allowed.)

` How has the web changed everything? Do you find any sources other than the internet trustworthy? If so, what source ? If not, why ?

**Comment/Tweet About Article**


Watch Video and right down 10 facts and any questions that you have.

  • Did Kayne West really go out with Taylor swift ?
  • Why would Kayne West pick Taylor Swift over Beyonce ? >.<
  • I never knew Barack Obama would say something like that
  • Categories of news : Want to know, Need to know, What not to know
  • Are social networking sites legitimate news sources ?
  • Code of ethics to determine legitimate news
  • Journalists show good taste
  • If it’s not news, why is it on the news ?
  • In 2003, more teens where able to identify the three stooges and not the three branches.
  • Reality is simple, if you don’t want something to be found online, don’t put it there !

#Citizen Journalism


The arrival of low-cost, personal computers and high-speed internet connections has created a communication phenomenon not seen since humans learned to talk. While the printing press and inexpensive paper made information available to millions of people, the producers of this information were still the elite. They had the technical knowledge and financial resources to produce the information. Delivery of publications to the average citizen was relatively slow whether on horseback or even by plane. Radio and television gradually made the distribution of information more instantaneous, but the producers of the information were still the ones who controlled the content and timing. Computers and the Internet have changed all this.

Do Now:

Review the information in this Survey( http://tinyurl.com/cvossjy) for about 10 mins then work with the person next to you to Discuss the Following Questions and answer separately on schoology  .

1.What surprised you when you read the summary of the survey Teen Content Creators and Consumers? What did you already know or have a pretty good idea of?

` What surprised me when I read the summary of this survey Teen Content Creators and Consumers was that “Teens are much more likely than adults to blog.” I already knew teens are more likely to read blogs because nowadays teens took over the social network of Facebook.


2. The survey reported over 87% of students ages 12-17 are online and over half of them are content creators. According to the survey, what type of information are students publishing online?

` According to the survey, the type of information students are publishing online are 

  • their own creations online, such as artwork, photos, stories, or videos. 
  • their created or worked on webpages or blogs for others, including those for groups they belong to, friends or school assignments. 
  • „their own personal webpage. 
  • their own online journal or blog. 
  • „they find online into their own artistic creations

3.Do you publish information online or know of other students who do and if so, what are they publishing?

` I do publish information online and I do know other students who do. Teens of today and I publish about things that are popular and things that are lame. 

4. Describe some of the advantages and limitations for students of online publishing vs. traditional school newspaper publishing.

` Some of the advantages and limitations for students of online publishing vs. traditional school newspaper publishing are being able to get to the public faster than others, no restrictions/censors,your not judged by your age and your able to respond quicker. Sometimes limitations are highly bias, and sometimes unreliable.



Watch: http://www.nytimes.com/video/business/100000001961515/timescast-mediatech-december-17-2012.html


1. What are 3 questions asked by the reporter? do you agree or disagree with the answers of the guest and why ?

 Is there any way we can hold media accountable for false accusations ?

` I agree with the answer of the guest because most time media rushes to identify a person without any research.

Do people wait for the truth ?

` No, people do not wait for the truth. 

` No, people pretty much believe in the first thing they hear. 

2. What are 5 points that you got about social media from the video?

` Media It travels fast, media is transparent, it’s vital, its not the first of the last time journalist will give out false info, there’s no justification in ruining someones’s life for the mistake of the media.

3. Create 2 short answer questions from the video ?

` Is social media bad for the public ? How does social media affect you ?


Do Now:

What is Citizen Journalism ?

` Citizen Journalism is the collection, dissemination, and analysis of news and information by the general public, by means of the Internet.


Watch Short Video Clip and explain what citizen journalism is with an example and Answer aim in your opinion with one example.


Identify 3 strengths and weaknesses each of Citizen Journalism

Strengths : It invites audiences to participate and offers them a sense of belonging which in turn will generate more interest in the profession as a whole, It is impossible for journalists to be present at every event and it is through the initiative of citizen journalists that certain moments are captured which would otherwise go uncovered and its also a voice for meany

Weaknesses : It exposes cracks, It’s sometimes unreliable and untrustworthy, and sometimes filled with lies, Bias information.

Class Work: 

Take notes of your opinions and points while reading articles

1.Find article from list of citizen journalism websites,

` “Seditious iPhone Reviews? Iran Arrests 7 from Tech News Site

2. Compare it to a story on a popular news website like NYtimes.com ect..

` This article can be compared to the article ” I Switched Phones. Where Did Those Text Messages Go?” because both complain towards gadgets.

3. Analyze both articles for truth and validity.

` What was inaccurate about “Seditious iPhone Reviews? Iran Arrests 7 from Tech News Site” was that The technology news website Narenji.irin Kerman reported on December 3, 2013 that seven of their writers and technical staff were suddenly arrested with no information about where they were taken. In the article “I Switched Phones. Where Did Those Text Messages Go?” they stated “Wise Media was charging $9.99 a month for services like HoroscopeGenie, without the knowledge or permission of consumers, the F.T.C. said in its news release.”

4. State and Explain your opinion on the topic (1 Paragraph)

` My opinion on the topic is that don’t trust everything you read online.Most of the time its never true and it inaccurate.

#The Social Network

Movie Synopsis: http://movies.msn.com/movies/movie-synopsis/the-social-network/

Movie Links:


Questions supporting the movie:

1. What are the main ideas that the creator of Facebook and his partner had in mind that makes the concept successful?

` They didn’t know what Facebook would be, they just thought it was cool .

2. Why is Facebook different from other sites, according to the movie?

` Facebook is different from other sites according to the movie because your able to do things other website aren’t capable of doing.

3. What suggestions would you give to make Facebook even better?

` One suggestion I would give to make Facebook even better is they took off seen, let us have more than 5,00 friends and put less ads.

4. What is the future of Facebook?

` The future of Facebook is becoming the next Twitter .-.

Questions about your Social Networking Activity:

– Do you have social networks accounts, such as Facebook, orkut, my space, LinkedIn, twitter? Which ones? Which one is your favorite? – Do you have a Facebook account? How often do you check your Facebook account?

` Facebook : Christina Lowis

LinkedIn : Christina Saint-Louis

Twitter : ` ObeyNana

Facebook seems to be my favorite, I often check in daily ; morning, afternoon, night time .

– How many friends do you have on Facebook? Are they actually your friends?

` I have over 3,300 friends on Facebook . I do not actually consider them my friend because ” I only eat with the same people I starved with ! ”

– What do you do on Facebook?

` On Facebook I post pictures, write statues, comment on wall posts and text people well sometimes because I don’t like to answer in boxes.

– What’s the best and worst thing about Facebook?

` The best thing about Facebook is getting in contact with your friends and the worst thing is when creeps or annoying people inbox me.

– What’s something you don’t like about Facebook?

` Something I don’t like about Facebook is that someone knows when you seen their message and didn’t reply.

– Have you ever had a problem on Facebook? What happened? Do you know anyone who has had a problem on Facebook?

` I have had a problem on Facebook, a really stupid one matter a fact. This girl wanted to fight me over a 50 cents Swiss roll -_- so she decided to be a cyber bully ! I seem to know a lot of people on Facebook who had problems on Facebook.

– Do you chat on Facebook? How often do you do it? Do you like chatting on the internet? Why (not)?

` I do chat on Facebook, most of the time. I like to chat on the internet because it gives me the power to say things i want to that I can’t do in person.

– Do you know any story about a problem because of Facebook?

` Yes , Facebook seems to be a really big problem starter that could end your career. I know people who get into altercations because of Facebook. People make rumors about you and it gets really big.

– Do you accept any friend request? How do you do it?

` I do accept friend request, but I only accept about 20 a day. I do it by names and profile pictures.

– Is it okay to have your boss as a friend on Facebook? Why (not)? What about your parents? And teachers?

` It is okay to have your boss as a friend on Facebook depending on how cool you are with him/her because sometimes they’ll fire you for one thing that you found funny and they found disturbing same goes for your parents except they won’t fire you you’ll just get dealt with. It is absolutely not cool to add your teachers on the book ! -_-

– Do you have any private album that none of your friends can see?

` No, I don’t have any private album that none of my friends can see.

– How do you protect your album privacy on Facebook?

` I don’t have privacy on my Facebook album, everything is public to everybody.

– What are some privacy concerns when using Facebook?

` Some of my privacy concerns when using Facebook are when people read my in boxes or have my password.

– Do you follow celebrities on Facebook?

` I do follow a couple celebrities on Facebook.

– How different are Facebook and Twitter?

` Facebook and twitter are very different on Facebook you chat friends, post pictures, and poke people on twitter you tweet,follow people and re post.

– How different are Facebook and Orkut?

` I can’t really say how different it is because I don’t have an Orkut account .-.

– Why is Facebook so popular?

` Facebook is popular because everyone is using it nowadays. Ever since our generations of teens opened up our Facebook page, Facebook has been more popular then ever !