#The Social Network

Movie Synopsis: http://movies.msn.com/movies/movie-synopsis/the-social-network/

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Questions supporting the movie:

1. What are the main ideas that the creator of Facebook and his partner had in mind that makes the concept successful?

` They didn’t know what Facebook would be, they just thought it was cool .

2. Why is Facebook different from other sites, according to the movie?

` Facebook is different from other sites according to the movie because your able to do things other website aren’t capable of doing.

3. What suggestions would you give to make Facebook even better?

` One suggestion I would give to make Facebook even better is they took off seen, let us have more than 5,00 friends and put less ads.

4. What is the future of Facebook?

` The future of Facebook is becoming the next Twitter .-.

Questions about your Social Networking Activity:

– Do you have social networks accounts, such as Facebook, orkut, my space, LinkedIn, twitter? Which ones? Which one is your favorite? – Do you have a Facebook account? How often do you check your Facebook account?

` Facebook : Christina Lowis

LinkedIn : Christina Saint-Louis

Twitter : ` ObeyNana

Facebook seems to be my favorite, I often check in daily ; morning, afternoon, night time .

– How many friends do you have on Facebook? Are they actually your friends?

` I have over 3,300 friends on Facebook . I do not actually consider them my friend because ” I only eat with the same people I starved with ! ”

– What do you do on Facebook?

` On Facebook I post pictures, write statues, comment on wall posts and text people well sometimes because I don’t like to answer in boxes.

– What’s the best and worst thing about Facebook?

` The best thing about Facebook is getting in contact with your friends and the worst thing is when creeps or annoying people inbox me.

– What’s something you don’t like about Facebook?

` Something I don’t like about Facebook is that someone knows when you seen their message and didn’t reply.

– Have you ever had a problem on Facebook? What happened? Do you know anyone who has had a problem on Facebook?

` I have had a problem on Facebook, a really stupid one matter a fact. This girl wanted to fight me over a 50 cents Swiss roll -_- so she decided to be a cyber bully ! I seem to know a lot of people on Facebook who had problems on Facebook.

– Do you chat on Facebook? How often do you do it? Do you like chatting on the internet? Why (not)?

` I do chat on Facebook, most of the time. I like to chat on the internet because it gives me the power to say things i want to that I can’t do in person.

– Do you know any story about a problem because of Facebook?

` Yes , Facebook seems to be a really big problem starter that could end your career. I know people who get into altercations because of Facebook. People make rumors about you and it gets really big.

– Do you accept any friend request? How do you do it?

` I do accept friend request, but I only accept about 20 a day. I do it by names and profile pictures.

– Is it okay to have your boss as a friend on Facebook? Why (not)? What about your parents? And teachers?

` It is okay to have your boss as a friend on Facebook depending on how cool you are with him/her because sometimes they’ll fire you for one thing that you found funny and they found disturbing same goes for your parents except they won’t fire you you’ll just get dealt with. It is absolutely not cool to add your teachers on the book ! -_-

– Do you have any private album that none of your friends can see?

` No, I don’t have any private album that none of my friends can see.

– How do you protect your album privacy on Facebook?

` I don’t have privacy on my Facebook album, everything is public to everybody.

– What are some privacy concerns when using Facebook?

` Some of my privacy concerns when using Facebook are when people read my in boxes or have my password.

– Do you follow celebrities on Facebook?

` I do follow a couple celebrities on Facebook.

– How different are Facebook and Twitter?

` Facebook and twitter are very different on Facebook you chat friends, post pictures, and poke people on twitter you tweet,follow people and re post.

– How different are Facebook and Orkut?

` I can’t really say how different it is because I don’t have an Orkut account .-.

– Why is Facebook so popular?

` Facebook is popular because everyone is using it nowadays. Ever since our generations of teens opened up our Facebook page, Facebook has been more popular then ever !


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