#Citizen Journalism


The arrival of low-cost, personal computers and high-speed internet connections has created a communication phenomenon not seen since humans learned to talk. While the printing press and inexpensive paper made information available to millions of people, the producers of this information were still the elite. They had the technical knowledge and financial resources to produce the information. Delivery of publications to the average citizen was relatively slow whether on horseback or even by plane. Radio and television gradually made the distribution of information more instantaneous, but the producers of the information were still the ones who controlled the content and timing. Computers and the Internet have changed all this.

Do Now:

Review the information in this Survey( http://tinyurl.com/cvossjy) for about 10 mins then work with the person next to you to Discuss the Following Questions and answer separately on schoology  .

1.What surprised you when you read the summary of the survey Teen Content Creators and Consumers? What did you already know or have a pretty good idea of?

` What surprised me when I read the summary of this survey Teen Content Creators and Consumers was that “Teens are much more likely than adults to blog.” I already knew teens are more likely to read blogs because nowadays teens took over the social network of Facebook.


2. The survey reported over 87% of students ages 12-17 are online and over half of them are content creators. According to the survey, what type of information are students publishing online?

` According to the survey, the type of information students are publishing online are 

  • their own creations online, such as artwork, photos, stories, or videos. 
  • their created or worked on webpages or blogs for others, including those for groups they belong to, friends or school assignments. 
  • „their own personal webpage. 
  • their own online journal or blog. 
  • „they find online into their own artistic creations

3.Do you publish information online or know of other students who do and if so, what are they publishing?

` I do publish information online and I do know other students who do. Teens of today and I publish about things that are popular and things that are lame. 

4. Describe some of the advantages and limitations for students of online publishing vs. traditional school newspaper publishing.

` Some of the advantages and limitations for students of online publishing vs. traditional school newspaper publishing are being able to get to the public faster than others, no restrictions/censors,your not judged by your age and your able to respond quicker. Sometimes limitations are highly bias, and sometimes unreliable.



Watch: http://www.nytimes.com/video/business/100000001961515/timescast-mediatech-december-17-2012.html


1. What are 3 questions asked by the reporter? do you agree or disagree with the answers of the guest and why ?

 Is there any way we can hold media accountable for false accusations ?

` I agree with the answer of the guest because most time media rushes to identify a person without any research.

Do people wait for the truth ?

` No, people do not wait for the truth. 

` No, people pretty much believe in the first thing they hear. 

2. What are 5 points that you got about social media from the video?

` Media It travels fast, media is transparent, it’s vital, its not the first of the last time journalist will give out false info, there’s no justification in ruining someones’s life for the mistake of the media.

3. Create 2 short answer questions from the video ?

` Is social media bad for the public ? How does social media affect you ?


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