#What is the affect of Citizen Journalism and Social Media on news ?

Aim: What is the affect of Citizen Journalism and Social Media on news?

Do Now:

Read Article on how social media helps breaking news.


1. What are 5 things you learned or found interesting while reading article?

` Social media is transforming the way journalists break news, without a news crew standing nearby, this death may have gone unnoticed and unrecorded, but through the power of a cell phone, the Internet and YouTube, this tragic event was captured forever, In 2010 every news platform saw audience stall or decline… except the web, also, newspaper newsrooms are 30% smaller than in 2000.

2. Come up with 2 discussion questions for class from article. (Yes/No Questions are not allowed.)

` How has the web changed everything? Do you find any sources other than the internet trustworthy? If so, what source ? If not, why ?

**Comment/Tweet About Article**


Watch Video and right down 10 facts and any questions that you have.

  • Did Kayne West really go out with Taylor swift ?
  • Why would Kayne West pick Taylor Swift over Beyonce ? >.<
  • I never knew Barack Obama would say something like that
  • Categories of news : Want to know, Need to know, What not to know
  • Are social networking sites legitimate news sources ?
  • Code of ethics to determine legitimate news
  • Journalists show good taste
  • If it’s not news, why is it on the news ?
  • In 2003, more teens where able to identify the three stooges and not the three branches.
  • Reality is simple, if you don’t want something to be found online, don’t put it there !

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