How Much Is Too Much ?

How much do teens use Facebook ? Too much is the answer. Regular teenager Paciany Legerme states ” I use Facebook all the time, I never log off ! ” “When do you have time to do all of your homework or study” I ask ? She replies ” I always have time, I never log off but I always get my work done. ” To me Facebook is a very addictive social media website. It all started back on February 4th, 2004, when Facebook was founded. From then it became a popular site. But she started using it back in 2011. I believe, we the teens took over the world of Facebook. But this seems to be a really huge thing but we should care because we shouldn’t let social media take over our lives. I feel this is important because we can see so much in life of we just pay attention and spend less time on Facebook.




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