#Polygot Thnkr Video

1. Consider the title and subject of the report. Does the headline/title accurately reflect the 
content of the story? Was the subject interesting?

` "Teen speaks over 20 languages" this headline/title accurately reflects the content of the story because he talks about the different types of languages and why he likes to speak them, but he . Tome,to be honest I didn't find this very interesting because it's cool that he learned 20 language,but for a person like me it would take forever to try and learn one language.

2. Story Basics:
Who is this story written about?
` Tim Doner
Who is the target audience?
` The target audience is to those who want to speak different languages.

What is this story about?
` A boy who taught himself to speak over 20 languages.

Where does this story take place?
` Flushing Queens, New York

When does this story take place?
` 2013

Why is it important that this story is told?
` It is important that this story is told to inspire people about how learning different languages is beneficial to your life.

How is it newsworthy?
` This is newsworthy because not many people can speak 20 languages.

2a. What were the 3 best parts about this story and what 3 parts were the least effective?
Best Parts
1. When Tim was speaking to the can driver
2. The ending, where Tim spoke in different languages
3. The part when he was learning Japanese

Least Effective Parts
1. His parents weren't surprised
2. Him in the store or library

3. As a whole, where you engaged? What specifically interested you? If you felt the story was too
long what would you choose to cut?

` As a whole,I was pretty engaged. What specifically interested was that he could speak 20 languages.

4. During the interviews in the video, did they hold your interest or were they too long? Give
specific examples from the video.

`During the interviews in the video with the cab driver, they held my interest because i could understand what he's saying.

5. Where the visuals interesting? What got your attention? Were there too many shots that were
similar to each other or was there a good variety? Use specific examples.

` Yes, the visuals interesting. What got my attention was the map because they color coded each language he knew.

6. Could you tell if the interviewer had picked a “side” in the story they were telling? Explain
why you answered yes or no to this question about objectivity.

` I couldn't tell if the interviewer had picked a “side” in the story they were telling, because this video just wasn't clear to me.

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