#The Blacklist

Topic: How video gives us an opportunity to be heard and felt not only by our peers but by the world.


Aim: Filmmaking is about telling stories. How can we tell our story through this visual medium?


Do Now: Watch the Blacklist and answer the following questions.

The Black List is a series of films created from 2008 through 2010 as part of The Black List Project conceived by photographer/filmmaker Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, offering new insight from african americans across various professions


1. Could you relate to this video? Why/Why not?

` I believe I can relate to this video because its true black people just can’t win agaisnt the whites. For example Travon Martin. His justice wasn’t served agaisnt his killer. His killer was set free. Martin Luther King Jr had a dream that blacks and whites could be together hand in hand, but instead of taking out his dream the black people seperate themselves and beef into categories like lightskin, brownskin, and darkskin.

2. How do you feel about the simplicity of the the composition and framing? Why do you think the director chose to do this?

` The simplicity of the composition and framing is smart. I think the director choose to do this to keep the audience intrested and focused on the main aspects. 

3. What camera shots/angles were used and how did the variation of shots affect the feel and message of the video?

` Medium, close-up, midshot  The variation of shots affect and feel the message of the video because it gives that little bit of repect and power to the blacks. 

4. What was the main message of this video?

` Racism still exsist today; There should always be equality in every situation & Life is hard 

5. Do you feel like most of your peers are heard and understood today?

` No, I don’t feel like most of my peers we’re heard and understood today because nobody really listens to a teenager.

6. What is a story from the life of a teenager that you think needs to be heard so that you can be understood by your peers and elders?

` I think the story of Bullying really needs to be heard so that I can be understood by my peers and elders because people don’t know when to stop. Or like when you play with your friends & after you get them back their ready to curse you out obviosly, ” If you can’t handle the heat STAY OUT THE KITCHEN ! ”   


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