#Spike Lee

  1. Honored w| a student academy award
  2. 1986 – She’s got to have it
  3. Writes, directs, and acts in his movies
  4. Created multiple films and coumentaries
  5. Born and raised in Brooklyn
  6. Mother did arts, Father did jazz
  7. He dealt with racism, clasicm, interratical, blackface, and political experiences
  8. Contrivercial 



What is the name of the film?

` Soul Power

Who is the director?

` Jeffrey Levy-Hinte

What is this film About?

` The film is about “The Rumble in the Jungle.” A 1974 world heavyweight championship between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman in Kinshasa, the capital of Zaire.

Who will we see in this film?

` James Brown, Muhammad Ali, B. B. King, Celia Cruz, Miriam Makeba, and George Foreman.

What do you think you will see in this motion picture? List three concepts or ideas that you might expect to see based on the title of the film or what you already know about this film.

` When I see the motion picture I see a festival/concert. I might expect to see a fight between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. An African concert and the struggles of the people in the film.

#Spike Lee – When the levees broke


1. What is an example of the media showing different perspectives on an event?

` People were saying that the hurricane was a huge woman ripping away the earth, some said it was hotter than Africa.
2. Is this a pro or con and why?

` This is a pro because it gives people an image of how hectic the hurricane was.
3. How can we identify the multiple techniques used in documentary film?

` Interview, footage from the past, fates from the new, fatual information

Do Now:

1. Was it Appropriate how Kanye West to express his views about Hurricane Katrina & media on live Television?

` I think it was appropriate how Keyne West expressed his view about Hurricane Katrina & media on live television because everyone is entited to freedom of speech! And he was passionate about what he was saying. He was taken a stand!

2. What were the different perspectives in media shown during hurricane Katrina?

` It reached category five, it was devastating, some people did not even know about Hurricane Katrina.

3. What did we not see in the news?

` In the news, we did not see any deaths

4. What role did the media play in spreading the word about hurricane Katrina?

` The role the media played in spreading the word about hurricane Katrina, was keeping the people at peace with knowing whats going on.

5. Did the media do a good job showing the late response of the national government?

` They did do a good job showing the late response of the national government, even though they knew many places didn’t have power.

Mini Lesson:

While watching When the levees broke answer the questions below:
– What is the topic? Is it something you would expect to see in a newscast or a newspaper?

` Hurricane Katrina’s damage

– Who tells the story?

` Various speakers

– What types of shots are used?

` High angle shots, low angle shots, face shot, head room, establishing shot, cowboy shot, medium close up,

– Who or what is on screen most of the time?

` The survivors of this hurricane and the damage the hurricane had done

– Are the images contemporaneous (vérité)? A re-enactment? Representational? Something else?

` I believe the images are contemporaneous, because they have real survivors of the hurricane.



What are the differences and similarities between The News and Documentary films ? Create a venn diagram showing 3 similarities and differences for each.


Differences :    The Documentary films have real footage of survivors from the hurricane, Stories and other people’s point of view, Music being used in the background, interviews.         

Similarities:  Real footage of the damage done during the hurricane,