#Spike Lee – When the levees broke


1. What is an example of the media showing different perspectives on an event?

` People were saying that the hurricane was a huge woman ripping away the earth, some said it was hotter than Africa.
2. Is this a pro or con and why?

` This is a pro because it gives people an image of how hectic the hurricane was.
3. How can we identify the multiple techniques used in documentary film?

` Interview, footage from the past, fates from the new, fatual information

Do Now:

1. Was it Appropriate how Kanye West to express his views about Hurricane Katrina & media on live Television?

` I think it was appropriate how Keyne West expressed his view about Hurricane Katrina & media on live television because everyone is entited to freedom of speech! And he was passionate about what he was saying. He was taken a stand!

2. What were the different perspectives in media shown during hurricane Katrina?

` It reached category five, it was devastating, some people did not even know about Hurricane Katrina.

3. What did we not see in the news?

` In the news, we did not see any deaths

4. What role did the media play in spreading the word about hurricane Katrina?

` The role the media played in spreading the word about hurricane Katrina, was keeping the people at peace with knowing whats going on.

5. Did the media do a good job showing the late response of the national government?

` They did do a good job showing the late response of the national government, even though they knew many places didn’t have power.

Mini Lesson:

While watching When the levees broke answer the questions below:
– What is the topic? Is it something you would expect to see in a newscast or a newspaper?

` Hurricane Katrina’s damage

– Who tells the story?

` Various speakers

– What types of shots are used?

` High angle shots, low angle shots, face shot, head room, establishing shot, cowboy shot, medium close up,

– Who or what is on screen most of the time?

` The survivors of this hurricane and the damage the hurricane had done

– Are the images contemporaneous (vérité)? A re-enactment? Representational? Something else?

` I believe the images are contemporaneous, because they have real survivors of the hurricane.



What are the differences and similarities between The News and Documentary films ? Create a venn diagram showing 3 similarities and differences for each.


Differences :    The Documentary films have real footage of survivors from the hurricane, Stories and other people’s point of view, Music being used in the background, interviews.         

Similarities:  Real footage of the damage done during the hurricane,


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