#Bamboozled Assignment #1

Choose a theme and explain how a specific scene in the movie supports that theme then compare/contrast the scene to a video, song, article, or personal experience that relates to the theme you chose. Summarize the comparison and make strong conclusion about your stance on the issue and create one discussion question for the class. Provide links to video, songs, & articles and be prepared to present.

Bamboozled Themes 
– Stereotypes 
– Black struggle
– Police & The People 
– Minstrelsy 
– The N word 
– Race reverse 
– Names 
– Slave mentality ( skin color )
– Blacks in the work place 
– Black success 
– Satire 
– Selling out 
– Rap/hip hop



In the movie “Banboozled,” the “N” word is used as a very popular theme. During the scene, when Pierre Delacroix was talking with his boss Thomas Dunwitty about business. Pierre Delacroix was very upset and told him not to use the “N” word. Thomas repeatedly said the word. It gave Pierre a flashback in the scene when he got upset and was smacking him around. 

This poem ” The “N” Word can be compared to this scene because it shows how lightly this word was taken : 

The “N” Word

In this modern day world 
We seem to consume 
The “N” word of hate 
The slave word for doom

This word has been drenched 
In red from our blood 
It enslaved us like swine 
Chain dragged through the mud

How fast we forget 
Those lynch mobs and scars 
The burnings and beatings 
Those hot branding bars

Our freedom was taken 
Our humanity stole 
We were just that “N” word 
No body no soul

Our women were raped 
Some men were castrated 
Black children were sold 
Our race was degraded

With the crack of a whip 
This word was yelled out 
With each break in our necks 
The rope showed know doubt

We were hunted like prey 
Then put on the block 
We were branded as slaves 
With a chain brace and lock

This “N” word was use 
To take guilt out of blame 
Because it made us inhuman 
To be killed with no shame

Yet after all of those years 
Of that suffering pain 
The use of this word 
Has weaken our brain

We throw it around 
Like a word with no past 
But history lives on 
From the shadow it cast

It’s now part of our language 
In every sentence we say 
It shows off our ignorance 
In a sorry sad way

There’s no other culture 
And no other race 
That would embrace such a slur 
Or welcome disgrace

Yet we as Black people 
Have done so for years 
Our dignity lost 
Without feelings or tears

It’s part of the reason 
We will never excel 
Or out-live our slums 
And Ghetto-ish hell

Written by David Farrar

In conclusion, we take the “N” word very lightly. We use it but don’t even use to background. Always make sure you chew before you swallow! 


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