#Movies and the impact of Images

Read: The rise of the Hollywood Studio System (Pg 192-195)

Answer :

1. Why did Hollywood end up as the center of the film production

` Cheap Labor, Diverse Scenery

2. Why did Thomas Edison and the patents Trust fail to shape and control the film industry, and why did Adolph Zukor of Paramount succeed?

` They succeeded because Adolph brought a lot of theaters , so they we’re guaranteed to play , A Monopoly of moeny

3. How does vertical Integration work in the film business?

` Company dominates , dominates production and distribution .

Part 2

1. Describe your favorite story from your childhood.  Discuss, specifically, what makes this story strong. Think about the main characters, the conflict and the most exciting moments.

` My favorite story from childhood was chicka-chicka Boom Boom. It was about letters racing to get to the top of the tree. What made this story strong was the ability to learn your alphabet, the most exciting moment is the end when they all meet up at the tree.


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