#Voice Over Response

The Voice Over was a great short video . It really had me wondering . It taught me you never know what might happen if you don’t continue to try . In the video the 3 main characters we’re all struggling . The astronaut was out of oxygen , soon to die . The soldier , trying to get to the denotater but had no legs and the little boy trying to get his first kiss but was too busy thinking about it . In the beginning they we’re weak fragile people who were just dealing with the worst and by the end of the film they were strong survivors . I’ve never seen anything like this . It reminded me of my 8th grade graduation because this man told us a crazy story about 3 abnormal things that had nothing to do with each other sorta like this movie . What did an astronaut , solider and sailor have to do with each other  ? The only thing that seem to bother me is the part of how they we’re going to die . It kinda made me want to tear up . I don’t know what this movie has to with the class but my theory is that we’re watching it to be taught a lesson about taking life seriously or something . I don’t know . But I loved this film . 


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