#Music Quiz

Directions: Students will watch 3 video clips and answer questions below for each.

1. Film Name: Phycho

2. Music Type: Parallel Music

3. How did the music effect the scene? (Be detailed and express your opinion)

` This music went well with the scene because it gave a sense of curiousness to find out at the end she would be killed.

4. By changing the music how could it change the meaning of the scene?

` By changing the music it could change the meaning of the scene because if it was happy music it wouldn’t make any sense. The title is Phycho so your expecting something crazy to happy .

1. Film Name: Resevre Dogs

2. Music Type: Contrapuntel

3. How did the music effect the scene? (Be detailed and express your opinion)

` It was crazy that the music was happy and the character was dancing  he kidnapped the man and he was bleeding

4. By changing the music how could it change the meaning of the scene?


1. Film Name: Jaws

2. Music Type: Associative

3. How did the music effect the scene? (Be detailed and express your opinion)

` I thought she in a shark attack .

4. By changing the music how could it change the meaning of the scene?

` If happy music was used it would affect the scene because it wouldn’t go with the scenario .


#Do Now 5/8/14

1. Define Parallel, Contrapuntal, Associative music in your own words.

` Parallel Music – music that connects to the scene , Contrapuntal Music – A contradicting counterpoint used in a scene , Associative Music – Used of emotional and physical reactions used in a scene .

2. Choose a Song and come up with a scenario where you would use this song either as parallel, contrapuntal, associative music.


Song Name: Problem

Scenario: Girl breaks up with her cheating boyfriend

Music: Parallel

How would this music affect the scene?

` It goes with the scene because she tells her boyfriend how tired she is of his games .

Would the scene be the same if swapped music with the person next to you?

` No, not at all because my scene is sad and his song doesn’t go with the scene at all .

#Love for Sale Exercise 5/7/14

Song Lyrics Link: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/ellafitzgerald/loveforsale.html

1. Answer questions for each version of the song:

What do you think the artist is trying to say in this song?

` 1. Her love can be brought . ELLA FITZGERALD

  2 . He’s looking for love . Elvis Prestello 

What is the theme, the overall message?

` 1. Love comes with a price . ELLA FITZGERALD

  2 . Who will buy love ? Elvis Prestello 

What point is it trying to make?

` 1 .She’s selling her love . ELLA FITZGERALD

  2 . He can show you what love is . Elvis Prestello 

How or why did you know that?

` 1. She protrays the song in a sexual way . ELLA FITZGERALD

  2. Who’s prepared to pay the price, For a trip to paradise? Elvis Prestello 

How might each version be used in a film?

` 1. This version might be used in a bar or at a club ELLA FITZGERALD

  2. This version might be used for a lonely scene Elvis Prestello 

2. Summurize Similarities and differences of each song and how the elements changed your perception of the meaning.

Similarities : Both songs are meaningful and both portray a certain message. 

Differences : The tempo from Elvis is slower than Ella’s. Elvis sounds like he’s been in Love and can show you what it is while Ella seems like she’ll love you for the night or so . 

#The Beaches of Agnès Video Clip Analysis

Name: ________________________________________________________ 

Directions: You will watch a video clip that shares personal memories of French filmmaker Agnès Varda
two times. The first time you watch it, take notes on the narration. On the second viewing, focus on the
music and visual elements.

1. List three details that Varda shares about her everyday life in Paris during World War II.
• She had to eat 2 vitamin biscuits a day

• Shoes had wooden soles

• Her whole family gathered in Paris together

2. List three details about Varda’s life after Paris was liberated from the Germans.
• All history books were in black and white

• Wars were rarely discussed

• Borrowed books from the library to read

3. What role does music play in the video clip?

` Brought a sense of exploration and curiosity to the film .

4. When Varda is describing her life during the war, how does the natural light relate to what she is

` The natural light symbolized a dark time for her

5. Explain how photographs, documents, paintings and art history books help Varda tell her story.

` It told her about her life after Paris was liberated from Germany .

6. What locations did Varda feature in the clip? Why do you think she chose them?

` The River, The Bridge, The Library , Effiel Tower , Art Museum , Under the tree where she read her
books symbolized time for her

7. Why do you think Varda walks backward on the bridge?

` To display an affect of her walking back in time while everyone moves ahead .

8. How did Varda help the audience to visualize her memory of reading by the river?

` She used a girl who looked similar to her childhood figure to show the audience .

#The Square – Classwork 5/2


Work with a partner to discuss and answer 5 of the 6 questions below:

1. What new ideas or insights came to you while watching the film?

` The use of art, came to my head filling me with new ideas of display.

2. How can you prove to your teacher that you are learning and understanding what we are doing in this class from this film?

` You can do your work and projects given.

3. What bothered you in the film, Was there anything you didn’t entirely understand or wanted some more explanation about?

4. Do you have any personal experiences you want to share that apply to the film we watched.

` Lol , well i feel you can compare this to when you try to out-talk the teacher when the teacher is wrong and your right .
5. What questions do you have for the cast or director?

` Why was this important to you to make this film ?

6. What new things have you learned while watching the film .

` People can overthrow the government

#The Square – Classwork 5/2

Do Now: 

1. What are some of the specific techniques that the director and editor use to add dimensions to the film?

` Use of art, Voice over

2. What techniques from the movie do you think can be mimicked in a potential documentary that you would produce in class and how would it impact your film?

` Voice over can be mimicked in a potential documentary that I would produce in class it would impact my film to let others know whats happening .

3. Find Current event article about Egypt and discuss your views about the political state of the country. (3-5 sentences)

` Abdel Fattah Sisi receives an overwhelming mandate from voters, he won’t be able to restore prosperity and stability to the country if the government continues to repress and imprison political opponents.I believe that in this article Egypt was brave for overthrowing the country’s democratically elected president. It takes a lot of courage to speak out against the government and stand out for what is right.

#The Square – Assignment

Filmic Code (What filmic code did the director use during this section? Be specific)

The director uses close up and other filmic techniques, to show the different types of emotions in the scenes.

Effect (How did this filmic code affect the story line?)

It affected the story line because it helped show the different type of emotions that people were feeling during different scenes.

Expostion: Starting in the Tahrir

Rising Action: When everyone was in the streets to go against President Morsi

Climax: The prime minister steps down

Resolution: Ahmed continued to fight for the rights.



 1. What human rights issues are illustrated in the film?

Soldiers were torturing and electrocuting the people. That’s a violation of human rights.

2. What is the role of music in this film?

The role of the music in this film was to show when or how the film’s mood or tone would be changing. Sometimes the music would change into suspenseful music, and you would know that something bad was going to happen. It was also uses to express the feelings of the people.

3. Throughout the film, the directors contrast the individual interviews with b-roll, and archival footage. What is the purpose of these contrasts? Is it effective? Why or why not?

 The director uses b-roll and archival footage when showing the drawing of what is happening.

4.Choose a scene that you thought was impactful, memorable, and/or emotional. Describe the scene in detail and explain why u chose that scene.

A scene that I thought was memorable was in the beginning when everyone was lining up and going in the streets to go against the rules. That was memorable because it shows how they were sticking up for each other, and for their own rights. It’s like they all came together as one.

5. Did you like this film? Why or why not.

No because to me it was kind of uninteresting. That is just my opinion though.