#The Square – Assignment

Filmic Code (What filmic code did the director use during this section? Be specific)

The director uses close up and other filmic techniques, to show the different types of emotions in the scenes.

Effect (How did this filmic code affect the story line?)

It affected the story line because it helped show the different type of emotions that people were feeling during different scenes.

Expostion: Starting in the Tahrir

Rising Action: When everyone was in the streets to go against President Morsi

Climax: The prime minister steps down

Resolution: Ahmed continued to fight for the rights.



 1. What human rights issues are illustrated in the film?

Soldiers were torturing and electrocuting the people. That’s a violation of human rights.

2. What is the role of music in this film?

The role of the music in this film was to show when or how the film’s mood or tone would be changing. Sometimes the music would change into suspenseful music, and you would know that something bad was going to happen. It was also uses to express the feelings of the people.

3. Throughout the film, the directors contrast the individual interviews with b-roll, and archival footage. What is the purpose of these contrasts? Is it effective? Why or why not?

 The director uses b-roll and archival footage when showing the drawing of what is happening.

4.Choose a scene that you thought was impactful, memorable, and/or emotional. Describe the scene in detail and explain why u chose that scene.

A scene that I thought was memorable was in the beginning when everyone was lining up and going in the streets to go against the rules. That was memorable because it shows how they were sticking up for each other, and for their own rights. It’s like they all came together as one.

5. Did you like this film? Why or why not.

No because to me it was kind of uninteresting. That is just my opinion though.


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