#The Square – Classwork 5/2


Work with a partner to discuss and answer 5 of the 6 questions below:

1. What new ideas or insights came to you while watching the film?

` The use of art, came to my head filling me with new ideas of display.

2. How can you prove to your teacher that you are learning and understanding what we are doing in this class from this film?

` You can do your work and projects given.

3. What bothered you in the film, Was there anything you didn’t entirely understand or wanted some more explanation about?

4. Do you have any personal experiences you want to share that apply to the film we watched.

` Lol , well i feel you can compare this to when you try to out-talk the teacher when the teacher is wrong and your right .
5. What questions do you have for the cast or director?

` Why was this important to you to make this film ?

6. What new things have you learned while watching the film .

` People can overthrow the government


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