#The Beaches of Agnès Video Clip Analysis

Name: ________________________________________________________ 

Directions: You will watch a video clip that shares personal memories of French filmmaker Agnès Varda
two times. The first time you watch it, take notes on the narration. On the second viewing, focus on the
music and visual elements.

1. List three details that Varda shares about her everyday life in Paris during World War II.
• She had to eat 2 vitamin biscuits a day

• Shoes had wooden soles

• Her whole family gathered in Paris together

2. List three details about Varda’s life after Paris was liberated from the Germans.
• All history books were in black and white

• Wars were rarely discussed

• Borrowed books from the library to read

3. What role does music play in the video clip?

` Brought a sense of exploration and curiosity to the film .

4. When Varda is describing her life during the war, how does the natural light relate to what she is

` The natural light symbolized a dark time for her

5. Explain how photographs, documents, paintings and art history books help Varda tell her story.

` It told her about her life after Paris was liberated from Germany .

6. What locations did Varda feature in the clip? Why do you think she chose them?

` The River, The Bridge, The Library , Effiel Tower , Art Museum , Under the tree where she read her
books symbolized time for her

7. Why do you think Varda walks backward on the bridge?

` To display an affect of her walking back in time while everyone moves ahead .

8. How did Varda help the audience to visualize her memory of reading by the river?

` She used a girl who looked similar to her childhood figure to show the audience .

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