#Love for Sale Exercise 5/7/14

Song Lyrics Link: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/ellafitzgerald/loveforsale.html

1. Answer questions for each version of the song:

What do you think the artist is trying to say in this song?

` 1. Her love can be brought . ELLA FITZGERALD

  2 . He’s looking for love . Elvis Prestello 

What is the theme, the overall message?

` 1. Love comes with a price . ELLA FITZGERALD

  2 . Who will buy love ? Elvis Prestello 

What point is it trying to make?

` 1 .She’s selling her love . ELLA FITZGERALD

  2 . He can show you what love is . Elvis Prestello 

How or why did you know that?

` 1. She protrays the song in a sexual way . ELLA FITZGERALD

  2. Who’s prepared to pay the price, For a trip to paradise? Elvis Prestello 

How might each version be used in a film?

` 1. This version might be used in a bar or at a club ELLA FITZGERALD

  2. This version might be used for a lonely scene Elvis Prestello 

2. Summurize Similarities and differences of each song and how the elements changed your perception of the meaning.

Similarities : Both songs are meaningful and both portray a certain message. 

Differences : The tempo from Elvis is slower than Ella’s. Elvis sounds like he’s been in Love and can show you what it is while Ella seems like she’ll love you for the night or so . 


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