#Higher Learning – Film Journal #2

Questions Continued:
7. What is meant by white supremacy?
` The belief that white people are superior to those of all other races, especially the black race, and should therefore dominate society .
8. Who is the source of white supremacist thoughts and beliefs?
` Scott .
9. What caused Remi to turn to a racist group?
` Remy complains, Fudge mocks him, causing the disengaged Remy to move out. 
10. Columbus University was a big, co-ed school. Is this the kind of college you want to go to? Explain.
` I would like to go to a big, co-ed college because its give more experiences and challenges and more to people to meet .
11. Who directed this movie?
` John Singleton
12. What other famous movie did he direct?
` Boyz N the Hood, Poetic Justice, Higher Learning, Shaft, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Four Brothers and Abduction
13. What is date rape?
` Date rape is a subset of acquaintance rape .
14. Explain “no means no!”
` A women’s group of saying no to sex by men, this group was organized after Kristen was raped .
15. Explain the following line from the movie: “If you don’t have the information you can’t seize the power.”
` This means if your knowledgable you can succeed at changing the world .
16. The movie ends with the word “UNLEARN.” Why did the director end the movie this way? What is he trying to say?
` The director ended the movie this way to show everyone We must unlearn all the sterotypes we’ve been taught .

#Higher Learning – Film Journal #1

Do Now:

1. Google/ IMBD the film Higher Learning by John singleton.

2. Who is John Singleton and what are some of his accomplishments

` American film director, screen writer, producer of boyZ in the hood

3. What do you think this film will be about?

` I think this film will be about black struggles in society .



As you are watching the film, answer the following questions.

1. Who was your favorite character? Why?

` My favorite character is Monet because she’s a really good friend for sticking up for Christian.

2. What kind of professor does Phipps (Laurence Fishburne) seem to be like? Do you think he is a good teacher or bad teacher? What is he trying to teach Malik (Omar Epps)?

` Phipps seems like a wife professor. I think he is a good teacher and tries to teach him just because your black you don’t receive special treatment.

3. What does the title Higher Learning mean?

` An institution such as a college where you can continue your education.

4. What things other than school subjects did the students learn there?

` They learn survival skills and how it is in the real world.

5. How is sexual identity explored in this film?

` Sexual identity is explored in this film because

6. How is racial identity explored in this film?

` Racial identity is explored in this film because it teaches you that because your black doesn’t mean you get special privileges . Also , certain ethnic groups choose to stay with their pact .

#War Dance


 Exposition  Rising Action Climax  Falling Action  Resolution
Millions have
been displaced into camps where life is harsh.
Orphans explain how the intruders came and killed their families. The camp’s primary school competes in Uganda’s dance competition. The camp’s primary school
won the right to compete in Uganda’s national music and dance festival, its children
dared to dream again
 Dominic, Rose and Nancy have faced their past and are now imagining
their future.
 Music : The spirits of the children are lifted .  Lighting : Suited the setting and emotion of the scene .  Costumes : Show the creativity of the African performers and symbolizes excitement .  close up shot : shot emphasizes the expression on the happy faces of the children .  Captions : Appears beneath and assist to clarify the meaning of the language spoken

1. What human rights issues are illustrated in the film?

` The human rights issues that are illustrated in the film are , Child soldiers are being kidnapped and recruited People are being displaced from their homes and forced to live in camp People do not have proper access to food, shelter, or health care mental health repercussions from experiences as child soldiers including: post-traumatic stress, anxiety, loss of appetite, lack of motivation, adjustment disorders, personality disorders among many others. They continue to suffer from these issues due to the lack of resources for proper rehabilitation and reintegration economically, socially and emotionally back into Ugandan life.

2. What is the role of music in this film?

` The role of the music in this film is used in the dances they preform to distract them from everything bad happening.

3. Throughout the film, the directors contrast the individual interviews with footage of rehearsal shows. What is the purpose of these contrasts? Is it effective? Why or why not?

` Throughout the film, the directors contrast the individual interviews with footage of rehearsal shows. The purpose of these contrasts are used to show what they’re doing and what they’re attempting to tell you about .

4.Choose a scene that you thought was impactful, memorable, and/or emotional. Describe the scene in detail and explain why u chose that scene.

` The scene I thought was impactful, memorable, and/or emotional was when one of the boy’s family member was killed and he was crying. I think it was his mother, Nancy. But they had an inspirational talk saying it’s okay , they don’t wanna see anything worse happen.

5. Did you like this film? Why or why not.

` I like the film because its shows impactful and emotional scenes that portay the life of three important souls who face their pasts and are now imagining their future .