#Do Now 5/8/14

1. Define Parallel, Contrapuntal, Associative music in your own words.

` Parallel Music – music that connects to the scene , Contrapuntal Music – A contradicting counterpoint used in a scene , Associative Music – Used of emotional and physical reactions used in a scene .

2. Choose a Song and come up with a scenario where you would use this song either as parallel, contrapuntal, associative music.


Song Name: Problem

Scenario: Girl breaks up with her cheating boyfriend

Music: Parallel

How would this music affect the scene?

` It goes with the scene because she tells her boyfriend how tired she is of his games .

Would the scene be the same if swapped music with the person next to you?

` No, not at all because my scene is sad and his song doesn’t go with the scene at all .


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